About Us

Nine years isn’t a long time, but in the ad business, it can be considered a generation. And with changing trends and evolving tastes, it’s a tough business to remain relevant in. But Raythone's Inc. hasn’t just managed to stay relevant, it has taught itself to do it with an effortless flair. Since 2005, it has evolved into a one-stop-shop for an equal number of ad agencies and corporate powerhouses. And it’s no surprise, given its efficacy with everything post-production related. Whether it is illustrations, story-boards , animatics and VFX, or even corporate films and audio-visuals.

Not only does Raythone's Inc., have a resplendent roster of repeat-clients, the likes of which include JWT, Contract, McAnn-Erikson, Marico, Kellogg’s, Cadbury, HSBC, to name but a few, it takes a certain pride in the cheerful bunch of talented people who work there, that make's collaborating with it both fun and hassle-free.